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Early 1860s American Civil War Period Sixth Plate Tintype of an Armed Federal Soldier

The soldier wears an eight buttoned jacket with high collar and epaulettes. He is clean shaven and is wearing a kepi at an angle, a shoulder belt and waist belt, both with buckles. The jacket buttons, shoulder belt and waist belt buckles and shoulder belt roundel plate are all coloured with gilt. His cheeks are also slightly colour tinted. The soldier is holding a rifle showing clearly its percussion lock, hammer and trigger.

The case itself is made of embossed brown coloured paper applied over a wooden shell and is complete with securing clasp. It has a central floral motif incorporating two facing birds above a basket on both the back and front. Within the case, on the left, there is a red velvet pad in good condition, whilst the tintype sits in the right inside a solid oval brass protector, which has the manufacturer’s name, Nelson impressed upon it and a thin ornate brass rim. Finally the tintype is covered by a protective glass.

Although the tintype has some age – related surface crazing, there is no lifting whatsoever and the image is completely smooth and stable. Overall, the portrait itself is in very good condition with clear detail. This is a very good Civil War cased tintype.

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