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Sixth Plate Tintype of  Federal Soldier with Military Backdrop Named as James Coffey    SOLD

The Federal soldier portrayed in the tintype is named James Coffey from New York. He wears a moustache with a “goaty” beard and is depicted sitting in a chair with one arm resting on a covered table. He is wearing a nine-buttoned sack coat style jacket and kepi. His cheeks are carefully tinted in pink, whilst his buttons are in gilt, including the four cuff buttons. James Coffey’s trousers are coloured light blue and the backdrop is of a military encampment.

The original brown embossed case is split into two, but still retains its velvet pad. The thin brass mat, brass preserver, and glass are fully complete. Inserted into the half of the case which holds the tintype is written in pencil – “James Coffey New York. Grandpa’s brother”.

This scarce named tintype has an image of outstanding quality, which is very clear with no emulsion loss or cracking whatsoever.

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