Constantius is a family business selling artefacts, which have been collected during the space of forty years. As a result, we have long experience of collecting and researching our artefacts. Our collection developed due to an enthusiasm for history and a fascination for historical artefacts, which provide a link with the past, a source of information and a focus for further research. Consequently, we aim to develop the informative aspects of the Constantius website, in addition to offering good quality items at competitive prices to collectors and historians.

We have now been selling historical artefacts and medals for over 12 years and we are listed in the medal dealer’s section of the Token Publishing Medal Yearbook.

The majority of items on the website will very likely appeal to collectors and historians. However, there are a considerable number of artefacts, particularly in the Roman, Saxon/Viking and Medieval range, which have more artistic appeal and could be of value to artists and designers or would make unusual gifts. Many of our items may also be of value to interior design.


Edged Weapons

Please note – all edged weapons are sold on the basis that they are acquired as a collector’s item or historical artefact and are not sold to be used as weapons.

Political Issues

Any items on sale are not intended to give any indication of our political view points, but are on offer purely for investment or historical purposes.