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Sixth Plate Tintype of an Armed Federal Soldier   SOLD

The seated Federal soldier featured in this sixth plate tintype is bare headed and wears a four buttoned sack coat uniform and regulation trousers. He has tinted cheeks and sits with his left hand tucked inside his jacket. His belt, which has a belt plate depicting the U.S. eagle holds a revolver and underneath his elbow, a holster can be seen.

The image of the soldier is placed on the right-hand side of the tintype case and incorporates a brass mat, protective cover glass, and brass preserver. The velvet pad in the left of the case depicts a butterfly enclosed by a floral design.

The brown tintype case is fully complete, apart from the locking hook, which is missing. The image of the soldier is very clear and there are no scratches on the image.

This tintype has a most impressive image and is in very good condition.

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