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Crimean War Medal 1854-56, 1 Clasp Sebastopol to 3540 Henry Farney of the 77th Regt. K.I.A.    SOLD

Condition – Mint

3540 Pte. Henry Farney was a member of the 77th Regiment’s replacements who landed in the Crimea during April 1855. He was not present at the earlier Battles of Alma and Inkermann in 1854, but took part in the Siege of Sebastopol which involved three Regimental actions. Henry Farney’s first action was in repelling the Russian assault on the British held Quarries on 7th June 1855. This action resulted in casualties for the 77th including 3 killed, and 15 wounded. Following this he was involved in the first attack on the Redan on 18th June 1855. The 77th Regiment was not heavily engaged but suffered 3 killed and 6 wounded in the assault. Pte. H. Farney spent about three months in the trenches following this and took part in the final attack on the Redan on September 8th, 1855. The 77th Regiment was heavily engaged and sustained casualties including 14 killed, 52 wounded and 7 missing. These casualties included 3540 Pte. Henry Farney who was killed in action.

The medal is sold with the original complete box of issue. The medal is in mint condition and beautifully toned.


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