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Afghanistan Medal 1878-1880 No Clasp to 2275 Pte. S. Connell 2/7th Foot

Condition – N.E.F.

Pte. Samuel Connell arrived in Bombay from England with a draft of the 2nd Battalion of the 7th Regiment (Royal Fusiliers), on 10th April 1880. From July to December 1880, he served as part of the garrison at Kandahar. It was during this period that Pte. S. Connell fought in the Battle of Deh Khajah on 16th August 1880. From July, the 7th Foot had been besieged in the city by Afghan troops. Lieutenant General J. M. Primrose, who was in command of the Kandahar forces decided to make a significant sortie to silence a battery of Afghan guns firing at the city from the village of Deh Khajah 600 yards away. The forces selected for the task were the British 2/7th Foot and the 19th and 28th Native Infantry. During the sortie, the 7th Foot reached the guns almost unaided and spiked them. However, on withdrawing the troops were heavily attacked by mounted fanatical Ghazis and it was during this action that the Royal Fusiliers sustained heavy casualties including 22 killed and 30 wounded.

The 2/7th Regiment remained stationed at Kandahar throughout the campaign but unfortunately Pte. Samuel Connell became sick in Kandahar and died at Colala on 5th December 1880. Despite being a no-clasp medal the 2/7th Foot saw far more action and had many more casualties than many British Regiments, who gained clasps such as Ali Musjid and Ahemed Khel. This, therefore, is a very desirable medal for the Afghan War of 1878 to 1880.

The medal is sold with copies of the 2nd Battalion Royal Fusiliers medal roll, India Records, and a brief research page.

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