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Crimea War Medal 1854-56 1 Clasp Sebastopol to Pte. G. Slater of the Coldstream Guards W.I.A. SOLD

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4629 Pte. G. Slater set out to the Crimea on 13th April 1855 as a member of the replacements. As part of the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards, he joined the Guards Brigade in the Duke of Cambridge’s 1st Division.

On 18th June 1855, the 1st Battalion Coldstream Guards were positioned in the trenches before Sebastopol as part of the British reserve during the assault on the Redan. The attacking columns however were thrown back and the Coldstream Guards had to cover the retreat. During the Redan engagement, the Coldstream Guards had only two casualties, both wounded and one was 4629 Pte. George Slater. He was invalided back to England on 16th February 1858 and unfortunately died at Portsea on 17th April 1856. The overall casualties in the siege of Sebastopol for the Coldstream Guards were 138 killed and 203 wounded.

The medal is sold together with a copy of the casualty returns of the Crimean War. George Slater’s name is given as Slatter, but this appears to be a transcription error as there was no G. Slatter in the Coldstream Guards at the time, only a George Slater. Also included is a research sheet by Diana Birch showing that there was only one G. Slater in the Coldstream Guards.

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