Korean War Medal 1951-53 to 22605439 Fus. A. F. Bartropp of the Royal Fusiliers

Albert Frederick Bartropp was born in 1933 in Hampsfield and resided in Ruislip in the London Borough of Hillingdon. On being conscripted into the Royal Fusiliers, he served with the Regiment in Korea from 1952 to 1953. During this period the Battalion returned to WWI trench-style fighting and patrolling, but mainly at night. The Royal Fusiliers as part of the Commonwealth Division were positioned between the Incho and Samicho Rivers. This sector included Hill 355, the Bowling Alley, and the Samicho position. In 1952 the Royal Fusiliers took part in Operation Pimlico and they held a small knoll known as the Mound against which the Chinese launched numerous attacks. Wireless operator George Hodgkins was awarded the DCM during the fierce night fighting here.

In May/June 1953, the Royal Fusiliers held the famous Hook position and suffered heavy bombardment whilst repelling many attacks from the Chinese.

The Royal Fusiliers were heavily involved in the Korean War and suffered 146 casualties including 31 killed in action. 10 members of the Regiment became prisoners of war and were released at the end of the conflict. Fusilier Albert Frederick Bartropp, fortunately, survived the conflict and returned to safety. He was married at Hendon in 1956.

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