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Second Afghan War Medal 1878-80 No Clasp to 1378 Pte. G. Harfield of the 81st Foot

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The 81st Regiment was deployed to Afghanistan in 1878. It was part of the Peshawar Valley Field Force and was placed in the Third Brigade under Brigadier-General F. Appleyard. The 81st first saw action at Ali Musjid, suffering no casualties. However, following two months based in Afghanistan, only 40 soldiers were fit enough for duty out of a total of 650. As a result, reinforcements were sent for including Pte. G. Harfield. During the remainder of the war, the 81st Foot including Pte. G. Harfield was involved in numerous skirmishes against the Afghan tribesmen, whilst guarding the Khyber Pass. During November 1878, the 81st Foot lost one private, who was killed in action on 28th November in the Sarka Pass and one severely wounded on 29th in the Khyber Pass itself.

By the time the 81st Foot left Afghanistan, they had endured great hardship and suffered heavy losses, mainly due to cholera.

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