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Queen’s South Africa Medal 2 Clasps –  Cape Colony and Orange Free State to 6842 Pte. T. Gretton 4th Battalion Derby Regiment P.O.W. 07/06/1900

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Pte. T. Gretton was a member of the 4th Battalion Derby Regiment which was based in the Orange Free State. One company of the 4th Battalion including Pte. Gretton was allocated to garrison the important railhead of Roodval Station from 28th May 1900. The troops stationed there were initially only involved in skirmishing with the Boer forces. However, on 7th June 1900, the station itself and the British camp came under a major Boer attack under General Dewelt. The Boers used one 120 mm Krupp gun, three 75 mm Krupp guns and a pom pom gun to bombard the British forces. The 160 men of the 4th Battalion came under such sustained artillery fire that although they resisted fiercely, they were forced to surrender. Of the 160 garrison, 27 became casualties whilst the remainder became prisoners of war. 6842 Pte. T. Gretton was one of the members of the 4th Battalion who was taken prisoner.

This is a scarce and desirable medal sold with a copy of the medal roll for the 4th Battalion Derby Regiment showing that Pte. Gretton was only entitled to the 2 clasps and that he was a P.O.W. Information relating to the action at Roodeval is also included.

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