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Indian Mutiny 1 Clasp – Defence of Lucknow (First Relief Force) to Thomas Doody 90th Light Infantry D.O.W. 26/09/1857    SOLD

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Thomas Doody joined the 90th (Perthshire) Light Infantry with the service number 3629 in Birmingham on 11th October 1854. He was stationed in the Crimea from October 1855 to 56 and following this he was based in Aldershot from July 1856 to March 1857.

In August 1857, the 90th landed in India where the Regiment was involved in disarming the 63rd Native Infantry and the 11th Irregular Cavalry at Berhampore during the Dinapoor Mutiny. After putting down the mutineers in Dinapoor, the 90th was to join Sir Henry Outram’s force, which joined Sir Henry Havelock’s First Relief Force of Lucknow. On 4th September, 600 men of the 90th including Thomas Doody arrived in Allahabad having sailed from Dinapoor in steamers.

On 15th September, General Outram’s troops joined Havelock’s and the 90th and 78th Regiments became part of the 2nd Infantry Brigade. On 25th September 1857, the 2nd Brigade attacked the rebels at Lucknow. After heavy hand to hand street fighting the 78th and 90th Scottish Regiments seized the occupied British Residency. As a result the besieged British garrison was relieved, but the British forces soon became defenders themselves once the rebels surrounded them.

During the course of the Indian Mutiny, the 90th Regiment’s losses amounted to 52 officers and men killed, 94 wounded and 7 missing. Thomas Doody was one of these casualties and unfortunately died of his wounds on 26th September, 1857.

This is a very scarce and desirable medal to an early casualty of Sir Hemry Havelock’s First Relief Force, which entitled Doody to the Defence of Lucknow clasp. The medal is sold with research information concerning Thomas Doody and two copies of muster sheets, one of which shows that he died of wounds on 26th September, 1857.

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