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Indian General Service 1854 1 Clasp – Umbeyla to 695, Pte. J. McLeod of Her Majesty’s 71st Regiment

Condition – E.F.

Pte. J. McLeod was a member of the 71st Highland Light Infantry (494 men strong), which was involved in the fiercest of all the campaigns in the Northern Indian Frontier. The campaign began on 20th October 1863 when an expedition was dispatched under Brigadier General Sir Neville Chamberlain to punish the tribesmen of Sitana for constant raiding into British held territory. In order to reach the Sitana, the troops had to march through the Umbeyla Pass where they were ambushed by Bunerwel tribesmen from the heights above. As a result, the two regiments involved, the 71st and 101st along with Indian troops, had to attempt to seize two of the peaks on either side of the pass known as The Crag Piquet and the Eagle’s Nest. These peaks had to be captured and recaptured at least three times, which incurred heavy loss of life on both sides.

During this expedition, which continued until 23rd December 1863 the 71st Light Infantrysuffered more casualties either killed or wounded than in the Crimean war and Indian Mutiny combined. The overall British casualties during the expedition amounted to 238 killed and 674 wounded.

This is an outstanding quality medal to a sought after regiment of this campaign.

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