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14th/15th Century Heraldic horse Stud Pertaining to the Greystoke Family    SOLD

This small shield-shaped heraldic stud depicts the coat of arms of the Greystoke family, who resided in Greystoke, Cumberland. The coat of arms comprises six horizontal blue and white bars with a red garland of leaves with four roses amongst them (chaplet) centrally positioned overlaying four of the bars.

The stud still retains 50% of the enameling, whilst the chaplet is virtually complete. The stud’s rear fixing prong is still present and measures 1 cm. The heraldic stud measures 25mm in height and 12mm in width. In heraldic terms the Greystoke arms are described as Barry of 6 Argent and Azure 1 Chaplet Gules.

This small-sized stud is in very good condition. It was discovered in Cumbria and is attributed to the prominent Greystoke family.

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