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WWI War and Victory Bilingual Pair to Pte. A.J.W. Sinclair of the 9th South Africa Infantry

Condition – E.F.

Pte. Sinclair together with his regiment the 9th South Africa Infantry joined the 2nd East Africa Division led by Major General J. Van Deventer and was posted to the 3rd South African Brigade in January 1916. The overall Commander of His Majesty’s Forces in East Africa was General Jan Smuts.

The 9th South Africa Infantry operated in the Kilimanjaro region of German East Africa against the Germans and their Asaki allies. The Regiment’s first action was in the first phase of the Battle of Kilimanjaro on 8th March when it advanced against Salaite Hill and later against the enemy on Lake Ohala. By 12th March the enemy was in full retreat but fighting had been very severe and the 3rd South African Brigade lost 270 men.

During the second phase on the 19th March, the 9th S. A. Infantry had a sharp engagement with the German/Asaki forces sustaining 40 casualties. By 28th March the enemy was defeated and the conquest of the Kilimanjaro-Meiur Area of German East Africa was complete. Following this, the 9th S. A. Infantry spent the remainder of 1916 and 1917 mainly involved with minor skirmishing and in the consolidation of their East African gains.

This is a scarce pair of medals to a South African unit in the German East Africa theatre of WWI.

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