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13th Century French Biblical Manuscript from Paris

This fine vellum manuscript leaf comprises of two columns of minute, beautifully formed Latin text on both sides. The first side has the Roman numeral III as a heading in red ink accompanied by the letter “e” in blue, denoting Exodus.  At the beginning of a new verse, shown as XV, which is written in red and blue ink, is a capital “L” measuring 0.6 cm in blue ink with intricate red decoration. This decoration extends in between the two columns in a linear manner.

On the second side of the leaf is the general heading Chapter IV in Roman numerals once again in red and blue ink. Halfway down the second column a new verse reads XVI in blue, red and blue ink respectively. This verse again begins with an illuminated capital letter, in this case “E”. Following the illuminated XVI the line is completed with a decorative blue line extender.
The leaf itself measures 15cm by 10cm whilst each column of text measures 10.5cm in length by 3cm in width.

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