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Late Medieval/Early 1500's Quillion Dagger    SOLD

The dagger is of the armour piercing variety and is unusual in that one side of the blade is flat, whilst the other is of a diamond section design. The dagger has a bronze quillion with incised lines as decoration in the centre and culminates in knob-shaped ends. The pommel is original to the dagger and is of the bronze hollow crown variety. The hilt has lost its wooden handle, as is usual with such early weapons and it measures 8cms.

The entire dagger from point to the pommel end measures 33cm. The blade itself measures 22.5cm in length and 3cm at its thickest and the quillion measures 6.5cm.

The dagger is of very good quality, the bronze fittings having a pleasant patina and the blade, although pitted, is in stable condition.


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