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15th Century Single Edged Ballock Dagger      SOLD

A very rare mid-15th century single edged English Ballock dagger. This medieval weapon has a wooden handle with the characteristic kidney-shaped lobes, which give the Ballock dagger its name. It has a very stable blade, which still retains its copper inlay maker's mark. It was discovered during the 1960s on the Thames foreshore and is very well preserved.

The dagger measures 260 mm in total length with the blade length being 160 mm and the wooden handle 100 mm. The width across the two wooden hilt lobes is 40 mm and the blade measures 17 mm at its widest point. The width of the blade at the hilt measures 16 mm.

This type of dagger was used by both military and civilian personnel.

The Ballock dagger is in very good condition.

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